Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Final Weeks of Fall '05

Dead week has begun! Finals week comes next week, and then the horrible end, wherein Michelle leaves me here for a month. Sounds like she and her mom will have an awesome time travelling Europe, but gosh, will I miss her! I made it through my hell day last week, (I had 3 tests last thursday) thanks to the great stress-relieving effect Michelle has on me :-). Now, I'm getting ready to write my final paper (due monday) and preparing for the 2 finals I have on tuesday. I just can't wait for the few days Michelle and I have together after finals, before she takes off. We're going to have so much fun!

Right now, the temperature is 30 degrees! Tomorrow, the high is 33, so I think the icecicles that have developed outside will keep growing into tomorrow evening. We might even get some snow! What an exiciting thought! Well, I guess I better wrap this up. Got a long day tomorrow. Hope that all our readers are having a good month. I hope we have some readers! Anyway... talk to y'all later...

MICHELLE IS THE COOLEST G/F EVER! (even cooler than the weather we've been having!)


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