Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some color of my own!

Yesterday, Michelle and I went to Santa's Wonderland, a local Christmas light sculpture display that costs $20/car to enter. It was quite a bit of fun, and I'm glad she and I got to have some relaxation time, doing something that involves no brainpower whatsoever.

I've heard it said that the hard times are the true test of a relationship. We had quite a test last night! Next door to Santa's Wonderland is Santa's Town, a place with shops, live music, and hot coacoa! As we approached the gate, I reached for my wallet to pay the $2 entrance fee for the two of us, and I realized my wallet wasn't in my pocket. I figured that since I'd just used it to pay to get into Santa's Wonderland, that I'd left it in car. After growing bored of the music, we decided to go see if Central Park was yet decked out for the season on our way back to the dorm. Upon arriving there, I decided to look for my wallet. We searched the entire car and there was no sign of it. Michelle helped me look high and low, but we had no luck, so we headed all the way back to Santa's Wonderland. It turns out it'd fallen out in the parking lot of Santa's Town, and had been run over. Luckily, all of my important cards were there, and I was actually not missing any of the $0 it had prior to its loss! Anyway, it would've been a very stressful experience had it not been for my angel. Michelle, thank you for being the one that soothes me. I'm always here if you need a shoulder as well!



COMING SOON to the Michelle-Greg Elephant:
Pictures of the couple with Santa! (I hope...)


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